From Deep House to Minimal Tech and Deep Tech to Balkan and Swing House His Passion for Life and Soulful Music can be heard from the very first beat. He Lives for the Dance Floor and every sound is designed for the Listener, All the way from intro to intermission to curtain drop with epic breakdowns and exquisite rises takes the most important factor on an emotional roller coaster……. the LISTENER, the DANCER…….because in the end thats what counts…..not the four by four but the impression left by the journey thats been taken.   
From the first moment you press play on one of his sets or productions you immediately feel his soulful detail pouring out. Enveloped by melodies, the Pulsing Low Frequencies and Technical Percussion Shimming its way over like  
Brought up in a home filled with musicians and musical talent, 
His Father owned one of the leading musical stores in Southern Africa 
A Lyricist by heart and rythmnist in spirit he quickly gravitated toward the analogue persuation and picked up the guitar and bass guitar at the age of 12 he never looked back, at the age of 18 produced and recorded his first studio album, warm southern licks, upbeat and melodic female vocals immediately seeing the band called FailSafe saw them playing with the likes of Fok Off Polisie Kar, Cutting Jade and Numerous Head Lining South African Rock Bands. Being pure improvisational guitarist, bassist and musician has bled through to his style and technicality in every form of music he pours himself into emerges as audible elequency that always reminds us of deeper meaning to the simplicity of things. 

He realised one thing early on, he was in it for better or worse, compose, produce, play music by any means, he always jokes around by saying "give me two spoons or a tuba ill get you something out of it" 
Thats what led him to EDM, being able to combine different styles and instruments rhythms into his own compositions, his flair for live productions and improvisational  skills are his strong suits and loves working with other musicians of any persuation

He Modestly says that its all about the music never about the hype……..and thats how it should be. 
in 2012 he came third in a competition out of 250 DJ's rising talent for one of the most prominent EDM clubs in South Africa and featured Roger Goode's Friday Night Show.